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When a client chooses us they always stay with us. Why is that? We feel it truly is because they become part of the family. We are excited for every client when they reach those big moments be it launching the site, seeking funding, growing their product into new phases. Whatever it is we want to enjoy and share in every step of this process with you.

We are experienced in building sites ranging from ones that help link clients with local business' and savings for those business' to helping those who appreciate a fine glass of wine track down the perfect pick for that evening meal. We also have expertise in scaling web apps. Lets sit down and discuss your needs so we work up the perfect recipe for you.

Our patrons are the secret ingredient to our business. Whether you are using our web apps or hiring us to build you the next big app idea you have, we are here to help. We will bring our considerable experience with building web apps to your project. Take a look at some of the web apps we have built or helped improve:

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The pickabottle team came to us with a basic idea and a rough feature list. We built the design and full site from the ground up, and helped them get a successful launch.

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Cooleaf came to us with an html prototype and design - they brought us in to build out the functionality. We created a ruby on rails app for them that covered everything they wanted while also redesigned the intial site to be more aesthetically pleasing. We helped launch at Startup Riot 2011.

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Big Cartel

The Indie Labs team came to us to implment an open source plugin we had helped build, so they could dynamically launch a full replica staging stack for testing their sites.

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Ignacio came to us with an idea and a PSD design for the web design marketplace. We took his feature list and PSD and built out all the features he wanted, with ruby on rails and jquery.



Wendy is the President of Four Bean Soup. She handles all the sweet bits of the day to day business for Four Bean Soup. She runs sales, training, and design! There's is also a lot of number crunching to be done and she knows how to really chew them up and spit them out. While juggling all her many tasks for Four Bean Soup she manages to find time to be an amazing mother to our three geniuses and adorable kids as well as fill our bellies with some pretty amazing food.



Josh is the Vice President of Four Bean Soup. In 1987 Josh's love story with technology began with his Atari 800XL and his dual 5.25 inch floppy drives. He has come a long way since those days filled with acne cream and leg warmers. Josh has been cultivating his Rails skills since 2005, and is a Rails Core Contributor. He led his development team to win the 2007 Rails Rumble competition for the development of TastyPlanner. Josh oversees any technical details needed for clients. Josh is the Podcaster and Producer of several tech podcasts.

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We offer development in many languages but prefer to a high degree Ruby on Rails. We have been working with Ruby on Rails since 2005 and consider our knowledge is comparable to some of the industry elite.

Here at Four Bean Soup you will not find a bunch of yes men so if that's what you are looking for you will want to look elsewhere. We want to see our clients ideas succeed and therefore we draw from our years of experience to give you the advice and skills you deserve.

Teaching you is part of our process. We run our business like our family. If we are teaching one of our children to tie a shoe we would never simply tie it for them. We would deliver the knowledge they need to help themselves. Our clients deserve the same understanding.

We love Scalable websites so much that we even host a podcast about it. We have been in love with sites that not only look nice but work right under any pressures since we began.

Users do judge a website by its cover so make sure yours has one that will keep your customers interested. We will work with you and our designers to make sure we achieve the perfect blend of beauty and functionality.

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We use Ruby on Rails to build clean web applications for our patrons that work the way they are supposed to. We believe in building quality apps, for example our '07 Rails Rumble Winning App. We are a fun company who believes in family values, sharing, good food, and clean usable apps. Not always things you hear a company mention up front but hey, it's who we are. Pull up a chair, grab a plate and get to know us.

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